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Chiropractic Care &
Complete Onsite

"Back and Neck Pains... Gone!"

"My back and neck pains are gone! Dr. Daigle is great! Thank you!"

- Danielle W.


"Very Happy With the Results and Staff."

"My neck no longer hurts, my upper back and shoulders all fee normal. No more stinging in the left arm and neck. I've been very happy with the results and staff. I have told others who suffer about this office"

- Kim D.


"The Best Experience."

"I believe the treatment from Central Street Chiropractic has been one of the best experiences of my life."

- J.S.


"Gotten Well So Much Easier..."

"I have learned so much and gotten well so much easier than I could have ever imagined. Thank you all for your guidance, encouragement and support."

- H.L.

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In Pain? Meet the Most Trusted
Lowell Chiropractor...

(Dr. Paul Daigle -- Recommended
1st by Lowell Residents for Over 20 Years)


Pain is no fun.

And let's face it... you're probably not looking forward to your next visit with the chiropractor either. But let me ask you something...

Ever hear the saying,
"What a pleasant surprise?"

Well, we love surprising people.

Better yet, we've found a great way to do it. With a commitment to using the most advanced, non-invasive, and gentle chiropractic treatment available, and a staff that thrives on being friendly, patient, and understanding... people are always leaving this Lowell chiropractic office with a smile on their face (really.)

It's not just lip service.

You talk. We listen. We explain all of your options in language that's easy to understand. We deal with your insurance company directly. Our equipment is state of the art. And we're after one thing, and one thing only...

Real Relief... not Temporary Fixes.

So if you need a Lowell chiropractor, give us a call and tell us you found this website. You'll receive the "royal treatment" and a totally free evaluation. (okay, everyone receives the royal treatment, but we'd love to know how you heard about us).

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you feel your best once again.

With kindest regards,


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191 Central Street, Lowell


More Than 20 Years Experience Treating:

        Auto Injuries
        Work Injuries
        Sports Injuries
        Arm & Leg Pain
        Muscle Spasms
        Neck Pain
        Back Pain
        Slipped & Bulging Discs
        Pinched Nerves
        And much more

        Complete Services